31 December 2013

WTF. And no, I wasn't swearing

It stands for Wonderful Thai Friendships. 

WTF is a creative social club tucked in the quiet area of the city, created for people who prefer to avoid Bangkok's massive night clubs. They're known for ABC: Art, Booze and Culture, a kind of a hybrid that has never been done before. 

We were lucky to have attended a photo exhibit & short film viewing entitled Infidel. It's a peak into the lives of US Soldiers assigned in Afghanistan.

Overall, the exhibit communicated a sense of honesty and sadness. It was moving to say the least as it certainly made a dent in my trip.

The bar is famous for their Tapas and Cocktails

Certainly feels like Pablo Gallery

This was the last thing item on our itinerary before we flew back to Manila. I'm really glad we went here.


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