17 September 2013

Because I find temples boring

One of the highlights of our trip to Bangkok was getting immersed in local art. Being a designer in the past, modern art is something I could easily relate to. It's nice to see that here, anybody with an open mind could just walk inside the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and just consume these curated inspirations. 

This is something I hope I would witness in my own country in the near future.

Street performer

Bikes for sale

Interesting shops

I think I'd need a whole day next time I'm here

AnyPrice was one interesting fellow

She drew portraits of people and you pay her any amount you want, hence, the pseudonym

My portrait slowly comes to life

I wanted to keep her cam and that Coke can

The BEST thing I brought home from Bangkok

Tourist shot

03 September 2013

In the Land of Pad Thai - Day 04

So 3 months later, I've decided to post the rest of the photos.

Somebody's obviously a tourist

We don't mind eating this everyday

The BEST street food dinner

Eating in the hostel lobby

Figuring out our way around the city

The VERY nice staff of Lub.d

We will see you all soon!

This officially is our favorite hostel

Hostel vending machines. Yes, that is condom dispenser

Power breakfast!

Local iced coffee

Tuk Tuk

Cream puffs FTW!

All set!

Free hostel events!

Wandering around the mall

They helped me write something in Thai

Preparing my birthday gift for Liz

It says, "I love you, Liz"

Siam Center is officially my favorite mall

That Waldorf Salad (left-most) is more expensive than the two other dishes :-/

In Thailand, Magnum is NOT just ice cream!

Hostel events

Where we celebrated out 1st Anniversary. Local beer from 711 FTW!

BEST fried chicken in town!

Suvarnabhumi chaos!

Soundtrack of the day: Babalik Ka Rin - Gary V