31 December 2011

Last Hours of 2011

I'm done listing down my goals for 2012. Thank you, Lord for the ups and downs this year, it was all worth it  :-)

Go Outside

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30 December 2011

Plants in Things Other Than Planters

Was reading this post in poppytalk and got so inspired by this: 

So I decided to make one for myself. Got an old glass (planter), some sand (soil), plants, paper clips, and a piece of wood (for support).


My makeshift home office has become a bit livelier :)

Inspiring Mood Boards


Photos from poppytalk

Morning Walk

Interesting sense of humor of kids nowadays.

Outside In

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29 December 2011

2012 Committment

I realized I created this blog back in January to keep myself sane while I transition to a new career. It has been 12 months and I kind of forgotten about it.

I started losing myself a bit in the process. But this year has been a great year of cleansing, growth, and rewards. I think in this coming year, I am ready to go back to my first love: Photography!

I am committing myself to a balanced, passionate, healthy, and successful 2012. Cheers!

Positive Vitamins 1

As the year closes, I shall start a new habit of consolidating inspiring thoughts and share it here. Here's a small dose. I hope things are great on your end. If not, this one's for you :)