25 April 2013

I like it raw

"The jazz I love is sweet and pure with raw elements, which is exactly what the good hip-hop is doing now. "
- Amy Winehouse

20 April 2013

Dreams made of boxes

Postponing my plans of upgrading my car. Preparing for my dream home instead :)

This contemporary modern look is perfect in Nob Hill, Tagaytay Highlands.




09 April 2013

In the Land of Bruce Lee

Recent trip with the whole family. I'm here almost every year and it never gets old.

The face of industrialization

See you soon in Manila!

 My favorite cartoon when I was growing up.

Chungking Mansion. Stayed here last time. Felt like I was in a Wong Kar Wai film.


Taste testing Starbucks HK

Happiest place in the world

Wong kar Wai

Couple of the decade

With Dad

Rush hour

"The Gap"



Will eat here on my next trip


I love this facade

Getting lost

Victoria Peak