01 June 2013

In the Land of Pad Thai - Day 03

AAAAAAnd Day 3 starts!

This soup is the reason I'm back in Bangkok! Juicy chicken balls, flat noodles, fresh herbs and HOT soup!

Didn't mind eating this the whole week

The infamous Thai  iced coffee - street style

Getting lost in the city: By boat

By train

Walking around in Siam Center (the coolest mall in the world)

We got lost and found the BEST pad thai EVER. Cooked to perfection and crazy cheap!

Beer break back at the hostel. (Please explain this pose)

This is me doing a jump shot with a cam phone

Off to the Vintage Market!

Van converted into a restaurant (jolly-jeep?)

Fried worms for sale

This area used to be an old train station. It has the feel of Cubao X, only 20 times bigger

Lot's of useless eye candy but the trip all the way here was worth it

Design inspirations are aplenty

I dream of having a huge home so I can collect lots of useless vintage eye candy. I want that Kodak signage.

This is like Cubao x meets Collective Makati, again, 20 times bigger

Again, useless, but interesting stuff

And to end the night, we're celebrating my dearest's 30th! (in a nearby hotel, outside, with 7 eleven food because we're cheap)

My dearest, Liz: This trip is the start of our many travels. We will explore the world, take pictures, drink cheap beer, binge on street food, and continue having fun together. Looking forward to our future adventures! Happy birthday! Huuugs! CHEERS! =)