07 January 2012

It's More Fun

For the Dept. of Tourism's latest effort to rebrand the country's campaign, 8 advertising agencies were invited to bid. In the end, BBDO won with a simple campaign that sells an idea instead of a rhyme or an adjective. That idea is fun.

Because of the low budget, the local campaign will rely on social media like blogs, Facebook and Twitter, hence the hashtagged campaign, #1ForFun which is currently trending. The real budget will be spent mostly on an international campaign, and expect many creative ideas to appear abroad soon.

To know more about the campaign, go to itsmorefuninthephilippines.com

Taken from chuvaness.com


  1. this ad campaign is great, i love its simplicity.

  2. And it's great how its people are the ones making their own contributions to this campaign.